Large Shoulder Heabag
heatbag for shoulder pain
heatbag for back pain
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Shoulder Heat Bag - Item 8

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The Shoulder bag is specifically designed for use across the back and shoulders. This design ensures the warmth is distributed to most muscle groups of the shoulder and upper back area, including the front of the shoulders, sides of the neck and shoulder blades.

This bag needs no Velcro to hold it in place because of its design it sits comfortably in place allowing you to be hands free.

Approximate size: 

  • 52cm (length) x 47cm (width)
  • 20 ½" (length) x 18 ½" (width)
  • 16.5cm (6½") the two front pieces

Weight: 2.4kg

The pocket design ensures no clumping of wheat and even distribution of weight and heat


Thank you for choosing our bags.  Remember as you are relieved of your pain by using our heat bags you are also helping to relieve the pain of orphans and street children in Southern Africa who cannot access Government assistance. As well, you have assisted families in SEQ seeking accommodation and refuge from domestic violence.