5 Ways to warm up this winter with your heat bag (and possibly save you some money)

winter warmth heatbag

Are you starting to feel the winter chill? Now is the time of year when our power bill soars as we turn to heaters and electric blankets to keep us warm and cozy. 

However, here at Inspirational Heat Bags we know the wonderful warmth a heat bag brings! So in this post we are going to share with you everything you didn't know about wheat-filled heat bags and how they work so well in providing soothing warmth and comfort on those cold winter days and nights.

Let's unpack some of the unexpected ways you can use heat bags for winter warmth and soothing heat. You might even discover how your heat bag can save you money and reduce your power bill this winter.

1. Soothe body stiffness brought on by cold weather.
And reduce the hot water bill 

Cold weather tends to cause more tension in the body increasing body stiffness, especially around the neck and shoulders. Think of how you shrug your shoulders and fold your arms to keep warm and the resulting stiff neck and sore shoulders. How about, instead of extending your hot and steamy shower time to relieve the tension you apply a shoulder heat bag both before and after your shower

After all, you're really just increasing the power bill and raising complaints because there’s no hot water left, more so than decreasing shoulder stiffness. The heat bag helps soothe those tired and tense muscles at the end of a chilly day and is just as effective as the hot shower - without the added power cost.  

2. Quick to prep with lasting warmth. 

The cellular structure of wheat makes it a great conductor of heat. This is what enables the heat bag to heat up quickly, retain the temperature and slowly release the warmth over a period of time. How long a bag stays warm for will depend on the amount of grain used but they will generally retain a therapeutic heat intensity for approximately 10 minutes and provide ongoing winter warmth for around 45 minutes. 

Hmmm 45 minutes of heat bag warmth, or 45 minutes of a hot shower bill daily - I think you can see the better option.  

3. The fabulous foot warmer.

Strangely or not, your feet help you keep a stable body temperature. When in summer, you slip your toes out from under the sheets to cool down - right? In the same way, warming your feet works to warm up the rest of the body too. So slipping off the slippers and plopping a heat bag on your feet after a cold night out is a wonderfully warming treat. 

The large Inspirational Heat Bag can be laid over the top or under the bottom of your feet. Or use two heat bags to wrap around the tops and bottoms of both feet at the same time. 

The Inspirational team have also heard it said that this is a wonderful way to stay warm while sipping hot chocolate with a side of Netflix (though we are yet to quality test this method).

4. Reheat. Reuse. Repeatedly. 

Your heat bag can be heated and reheated over and over. Provided you follow the manufacturer's usage guidelines your heat bag will last for many winters to come. 

Wheat will dry out over time. If you start to notice your heat bag is emitting a cooked or burnt smell - that is a sign that it is time to replace it with a new heat bag

5. Heated seating.

Hands up those who know the luxury of heated seats every time they drive off to work on chilly mornings! You truly live a blissful life. Well then, bring that delicious feeling right into your lounge room if you please. Using your heat bag to warm up the seat is another handy way to find heat.


Wheat heat bags are convenient, reusable and a gentle way to warm up. But there are some very important factors you should be aware of to get the best, safest and most effective use of your heat bag this winter.

Should you use heat bags as bed warmers? 

We understand about being hesitant to use hot water bottles or electric blankets, especially on children's beds. You might think the heat bag is your perfectly safe alternative to pre warm bedding before hopping in. 

STOP! Please note that heat bags can be a fire risk when they are covered over as trapped heat can ignite. So never cover your heat bag with sheets or blankets to warm them up.

Are heat bags suitable for all ages? 

While heat bags are generally safe for use across most ages, CHOICE Australia recommends against the use of wheat bags and heat bags by children. Heating a wheat bag should always be done responsibly and under adult supervision. It is important to use your heat bag according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

What to do with a heat bag after you have finished using it?

It is important that you do not store your heat bag away in a drawer or cupboard until after it has completely cooled down. If you have finished using the bag, but it still holds some warmth, then store it in a cool place and on a non-combustible surface - such as the sink or bench top in your bathroom or kitchen.


There you have our five favourite ways of using your heat bag for winter warmth this season. The heat bag is simple yet very effective and highly affordable given how long they last. 

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