The Best Heat Bag Designs & Fillings

Best Heat Bags


Microwavable heat bags with organic fillers are a wonderful way to soothe sore muscles or just warm up on a chilly day. The combination of warmth and healing effects are a natural remedy you can enjoy every day without adverse side effects. Heat bags can now come in all sorts of various shapes and sizes with different fillings. There are so many kinds out there, so how do you choose the perfect heat bag? 

Heat Bags Designed for Real Therapeutic Effect

Traditional heat bags consist of a fabric outer cover with grain filling, which is usually wheat, barley or lupin (a type of legume). Typical heat bag designs will have the grain filling packed loosely in the bag so they are free to move around inside the bag. However, this can cause clumping and hot spots after heating. For the best therapeutic effect you want your heat bag clump free and with an even distribution of heat throughout the bag!

That’s precisely why Inspirational Heat Bags came up with our own unique design. Our heat bags have been developed with comfort and optimal treatment in mind. They have a ‘pocket’ design which holds the wheat in place, ensuring an even distribution of weight and heat. So you’ll have no clumping or uneven ‘hot’ spots against your body while relaxing with your Inspirational Heat Bag! 

With this wonderful design in place, we then created a range of heat therapy bags in different styles and sizes to better soothe and warm almost every part of the body. Let’s go over them here:

  • The large heat bag: is considered the best heat bag for the back as its generous size can help relax more muscles at once. The large size also makes it suitable for wrapping around your feet or ankles. 
  • The neck heat bag: allows you to wear it hands free, that means you can keep on working or “doing what needs to be done” while you wear the heat bag - you don’t have to keep holding it in place. This is achieved through the intelligent design which includes velcro straps to hold it in position and that can be adjusted for best fit.. 
  • The square heat bag: this is well sized and suited for positioning on joint, pelvic and abdomen pain. Some may find the weight of the large heat bag a little too much for them, so the square heat bag is a middle of the range option.
  • The shoulder heat bag: is one of our most popular. It ensures warmth is distributed to most muscle groups of the shoulder and upper back area, including the front of the shoulders, sides of the neck and shoulder blades.

There are many more designs and styles in the Inspirational Heat Bag range to choose from, one of which could be the perfect heat bag for you! 


The Best Fillings to use in a Heat Bag 

Heat bags are a fantastic alternative to hot water bottles, giving off a gentle heat without the worry of spillage or leaking. There are many materials that can be used to fill a heat bag and some of the most popular fillers include:

  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Lupin
  • Wheat berries
  • Whole dried corn
  • Dried whole peas 
  • Whole flaxseed
  • Rice
  • Steel cut oats
  • Crushed walnut shells
  • Dried pinto beans
  • Cherry pits

Wheat, barley and lupin seem to be the most popular and practical fillers. All three meet the requirements of retaining heat, having a pleasant smell, and feeling good against your skin.

Natural wheat grain is an ideal filler in heat bags because the cellular structure of wheat demonstrates fantastic insulation properties as the water molecules inside the grain heat upWheat can absorb and evenly distribute both warm and cool temperatures giving you effective pain relief and can provide more variety of comfort than other fillers. Wheat filled bags can be used as cold packs as well as hot packs, making them extremely handy and versatile.

Inspirational Heat Bags have created heat bags (sometimes also referred to as heat therapy packs) that are made with food grade quality wheat sourced from a Queensland farm! The bags are proudly entered in the Australian register of therapeutic goods. 

One of the key differences in Inspirational Heat Bags is that we are a not for profit organisation who enjoy helping and supporting other not for profits. Issues surrounding domestic violence in our local area of south-east Queensland and the children of impoverished communities in Zambia are especially dear to us. This means that when you buy one of our heat bags your money is used to support others in dire need.

One charity in particular, Eagles Wings, is what helps drive and motivates Inspirational Heat Bags. Profits from every heat bag purchase goes towards supporting disadvantaged children in Southern Africa, Zambia, through the amazing work of Eagles Wings. What's not to love about these wonderfully designed heat bags and a company that wears their heart on their sleeve!

To find out more about Inspirational Heat Bags, the charities we support and of course out heat therapy bags, visit