DIY Self-Care Hamper Ideas


Self-care hampers are all about giving your loved one a personalised gift that promotes mindfulness and relaxation. Everyone's idea of self-care is different and that's why handpicked items, chosen with love and thought will make for the perfect gift. Some gifts might inspire getting outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying nature while others might involve body pampering, massages and beautiful skin care products.
Our DIY self care hamper ideas are sure to inspire, encourage and relax those oh so important people in your life.

For The Tradie Dad

Being a Tradie comes with lots of wonderful perks like flexible hours, working in new and exciting locations and being your own boss (for those with their own business). But stress and lots of hard physical labour can also be a part of Tradie life and this is where a self-care hamper would be an ideal gift.
Our DIY hamper suggestions for Tradies:
  • A massage ball to ease tension in the back and neck. This is great for that Tradie Dad who needs a massage on the daily but is short on time. There are a variety of massage balls on the market to choose from that will get the job done and give some quick relief to tired and sore muscles.
  • Using a Shoulder Heat Bag to warm and relax those hard working muscles is another way to ease tension and encourage your Tradie to enjoy some self-care. The Inspirational Heat Bags shoulder bag, would be the perfect tool for this as it's specifically designed for use across the back and shoulders and will stay in place allowing your Tradie to be hands free.
  • There's nothing that says "put up those feet" like a box of delicious chocolates! Be sure to place their desired choccies front and centre in that gift hamper. This will ensure a smile.
  • Don't forget to include your Tradie's favourite brand of coffee, tea or drink of choice of course! If you want to make it super special and memorable - you can now buy custom roasted and blended coffee. That's right, custom made to your personal taste and preferences. Just Google "custom blended coffee" or "create your own coffee blend" to find a custom roaster near you.

For The Mum that Works Out

Your multitasking, super Mum - who also somehow finds the time to workout - could be falling short in the self-care department. This is where you step in, with a DIY self-care hamper to encourage some "me time" and give her an out-of-the-box gift that she will love and enjoy!
Our DIY hamper suggestions for busy mums:
  • A spa or massage gift voucher. Now this one is obviously an essential part of any self-care hamper for a busy Mum who also works hard to keep herself fit and healthy. There are some amazing spa packages out there and a voucher for every budget that will ensure Mum has an opportunity for a little pampering and relaxation.
  • A self-care hamper for a workout Mumma is never complete without a heat bag! Yes, heat therapy is the perfect way to help her relax and recover after a workout. The extensive range that Inspirational Heat Bags has to offer will cover any ache and pain your Mum may experience. The square heat bag is ideal for joint pain after working out and doubles as a handy therapy bag when Mum is experiencing cramps or pain during the month. Also the incredibly versatile large heat bag could also be a fantastic choice for Mum to sooth her tired muscles. They come in a wide range of colours to personalise the gift even further.
  • If your mum has been hitting the gym all year, then she might be due to replace that workout towel. There are some awesome brands and designs out there that include zipper pockets for keeping keys, phones and purses safe and sound and close by.
  • Protein powders and shakers get used up in no time. There are always new, and somewhat surprising flavours coming onto the scene (pancake flavoured protein powder - who would have thought of it?) so helping replenish the stock will surely be appreciated.

The Office Working Mum or Dad

Self-care is about taking care of ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. It's so easy to get caught up with everything that's going on in our lives that we simply forget to take care of ourselves. Well, this is when we all need an amazing friend or family member to swoop in and give a care package like no other. If you are that amazing and special person in someone's life, here are some tips to help fill a basket of self-care to bring some extra joy!
Our DIY hamper suggestions for office workers:
  • Inspirational Heat Bags velcro neck bag would be the perfect addition to a self-care gift hamper for a busy office worker. The therapeutic benefits can reduce stress, anxiety and relieve tension in tight muscles. This Velcro bag is held together at the front allowing any office worker to be hands free while healing and relaxing the neck. Self-care while you work? Check!
  • A massage voucher is a must! Along with a heat bag for long term use, a massage could just be the thing they need to help kick start some much needed R and R. Sitting at desks and computers for hours on end creates tight necks and shoulders that can be hard to loosen. From hot stone to deep tissue or a simple neck and shoulder massage - either option will help alleviate that office work tension.
  • Any gift hamper for an office working loved one must include a paperback or hardcover book! Give them a reason to step away from the screens and immerse themselves in another world. It really is an ideal way to let go of the day's frustrations and give the mind an opportunity to reset and refocus.
  • Why not include some epsom salts in your hamper to inspire a relaxing soak in the tub. You could pop in a soothing facemask to encourage some extra pampering and there you have it, multi-tasking self-care at its best!
The best thing about a DIY self-care hampers is that you get to personalise the gift, making it even more special and memorable. This could be an exciting project to do with your partner, children or even the entire family and after carefully selecting the gift items make sure you have lots of fun decorating and putting the final touches on your DIY self-care hamper!